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Restaurant Gift Certificate
Get Your Money Back
Our philosophy is that you are purchasing this gift for a friend or loved one, not us. That is why we always return your money when all or part of your gift certificate is not used, Period!

Contact Us About Restaurant Gift Vouchers

If you need restaurant gift vouchers, have already purchased or received one and want to learn more about the Vokaba get your money-back guarantee, you've come to the right place. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our customers, supplier and anyone else who wants to learn more about our seriously cool restaurant gift certificate program.

  • Ask questions.
  • Connect with a Vokaba representative.
  • Find out how to use our technology for your business.
  • Set up a corporate account.
Fill out the form or email Customer.Service@Vokaba.com and a representative will get back to you promptly with information about our cost-effective, transparent, easy and fun restaurant gift vouchers.

Vokaba Customer Service

Don't have time to wait? Call our customer service center to speak directly with a Vokaba representative at: 1-800-631-4058.

Vokaba Supplier Support

Need help growing your in-store or online gift certificate sales channels? Our Supplier Relations team is here to help. They're available to help with installation and training of your point-of-purchase display, redemption portal and more. 1-800-910-9491 or Supplier.Support@Vokaba.com

Vokaba Main Office

Use our Restaurant Gift Vouchers for Your Next Client Lunch We're located in Nevada, but our partners have businesses nationwide. Below is our main office address should you need it.
4330 S. Valley View Blvd
Ste # 128
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Purchase your Restaurant Gift Vouchers

Don't forget about our get your money back guarantee. We always return your money when all or part of restaurant gift vouchers are not used by you or whoever you gave it to. That's our philosophy and promise to you. What are you waiting for? Browse our restaurant gift vouchers now! You can also read our FAQ for additional information.
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