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Our philosophy is that you are purchasing this gift for a friend or loved one, not us.
That is why we always return your money when all or part of your gift certificate is not used, Period!
For Any Occasion, Great For Employee Benefits and Perks, Sent To Your Friend or Loved One Immediately, Receive Instant Notification When Your Gift Was Enjoyed, All Money From Unused Gift Certificates is Automatically Refunded
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Your Go To for Restaurant Gift Certificates
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Restaurant gift certificates from Vokaba allow the recipient to enjoy a complimentary meal at any number of establishments in the nationwide, and are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. The process and philosophy behind Vokaba is unique to the industry, offering the best of both worlds to both the purchaser and recipient of restaurant gift certificates.

The Vokaba Difference

Traditional gift cards are extremely profitable for the seller and establishment, who receive payment in full, regardless of whether the card itself is ever used, or spent in its entirety. At Vokaba, we believe the customers who buy our restaurant gift certificates for friends, colleagues, clients, employees, or loved ones, are entitled to the full value of their purchase, so we automatically refund the unused portion of any gift certificates you purchase, within 15 days of the expiration or redemption date. With Vokaba, the customer dictates the terms and conditions of their gift certificate, setting the amount and expiration date. A notification is sent to you once the gift certificate has been used, so you'll know with certainty your money was well spent, and the recipient utilized your gift. Traditional gift cards can be lost, stolen, or simply forgotten, but with Vokaba, your gift certificate is emailed to the recipient, and we'll even send them a reminder to use it within the specified time period, as the expiry date approaches. Have questions? Let our FAQ help!

Everyone Loves Vokaba Restaurant Gift Certificates!

Who wouldn't appreciate the gift of relaxation, fine dining, or a night on the town? There are just as many reasons to treat someone to a meal as there are choices of cuisine, including:
  • Special occasions (Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, etc)
  • Congratulations
  • Thank you
  • Appreciation for business
  • Job well done
  • Employee bonus
  • Just because!
Purchasing is convenient, affordable, and flexible, with terms to suit your needs and prices to suit your budget. Since you can order online for instant email delivery to the recipient, you can rest easy knowing your gift will be delivered securely and efficiently. Browse our current list of restaurants today, and give someone you know a gift they'll remember.

Maximize the return on your investment with restaurant gift certificates from Vokaba. With our vast selection of restaurants for you to choose from, customer email reminders, and timely return of any money left over at the end of the term of the gift certificate, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

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